Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy helps increase independence and improve quality of life.

I provide a client-centred service and, where possible, work closely with the client’s family and significant people around them, as well as any multidisciplinary staff involved in their care. ​I provide assessment and rehabilitation in the client’s home and community.
Therapy is often a careful combination of helping the client identify and pursue alternative or previously enjoyed life roles and activities and helping them to increase their independence and engagement. At the same time, it helps raise their awareness and supports their gradual acceptance of the changes wrought by their injury.


Examples of how I can help

  • Home/community/work based occupational therapy

  • Working with clients with complex cognitive and emotional difficulties

  • Working with clients with Impaired self awareness

  • Working with clients with complex family situations

  • Facilitating cost effective rehabilitation programmes through the training and development of Support Workers

  • Cognitive Rehabilitation

  • Vocational  Rehabilitation (Employment and Education)

  • Designing and supporting Independent Living Trials

  • CBT based interventions

  • Behavioural based programmes

Experience and approach

  • I bring my experience and relationship skills as a Counsellor and Motivational Interviewing Practitioner to my interventions as an Occupational Therapist.

  • My links and involvement with Sheffield Hallam University and involvement in writing national standards and guidance publications mean that I use a strong evidence base to back up my work and support my interventions with relevant outcome measures.

  • I have had 12 years experience specifically in the medico-legal field and courtroom experience as a “Witness of Fact” and appreciate the need to write concise, factual and relevant reports.

  • I have the backup and utilise the co-supervision and support of a network of Brain Injury Occupational Therapists and Practitioners.



“Verna Morris is a skilled and experienced OT who supports her clients with compassion and wisdom.  As a colleague she is a pleasure to work with” 

Steve Wiseman, Steve Wiseman Associates, Specialists in Rehabilitation and Participation through IT 


“Verna Morris was recommended by a case management colleague not only as an excellent OT, but also for her counselling/ motivational interviewing skills for a complex orthopaedic/neurological case I am case managing.  I have been impressed by her dedication and ability to problem solve any situation she may find herself involved with, especially with allowing my client to think through what he would like to achieve for the future. Verna is motivated, extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with my client and his family.  Her communication skills, both written and verbal are exceptional and she offers frequent feedback that I feel I do not need to chase her for.” 

Sara Grimshaw, Clinical Support, Case Manager, Unite Professionals LTD