SPECIALIST Occupational Therapist and Counsellor


Brain Injury Survivors and their families are forced to cope with a unique sense of loss and major life disruption. 

My qualifications and experience, both as an Occupational Therapist (OT) and Counsellor, mean I provide unique support for brain injury survivors and their families.

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Occupational Therapy helps increase independence and improve quality of life. 

​I provide a client-centred service. Where possible I work closely with the client’s family and significant people around them, as well as any multidisciplinary staff involved in their care.

Caring for someone who has experienced a brain injury can be demanding and can change family life forever. Brain injury has implications for the whole family and other family members are also the victims. I provide counselling support for both the brain injury survivor and their families.


I provide bespoke training workshops and coaching in Motivational Interviewing.

This is a well recognised evidence-based approach when working with clients towards behavioural and attitudinal change.


"For the novices amongst us, the prospect of being able to learn and apply effective MI techniques seemed very daunting. However, Verna’s teaching approach inspired confidence, drawing out the skills and positives in all of us present. She applied the teaching to the clinical context of our work thus making it feel really relevant to all involved. In addition, she adapted the teaching to suit needs and this resulted in great levels of engagement – avoiding the frustration of a class who ‘just didn’t get it’! Where MI itself seeks to empower - so too does Verna’s wonderful teaching style"


Georgia Thompson, Macmillan Survivorship Project Lead


"Verna Morris is one of the best tutors I have had – very informative with a professional, friendly approach – everything taught at a relevant level with time to listen to us". 


Student on Motivational Interviewing course.